Site Information

As you move throughout the website, you willl notice that all the links in the navigation strip on the left side of the website will generally load in the large main frame to the right of the navigation strip just as this one did.

This is true of other sites that you may visit from the Culpeper Airport website with the exception of links located within the other sites which will cause you to leave the Culpeper Airport site.

An example of this is the "Area Forecast" link. When you first click on the link, you will see the NOAA Weather site load right into the Culpeper Airport Site.

However, when you click on any of the links provided by the NOAA site, then you will leave the Culpeper site.

When you want to return, you will need to click on "BACK" or an "arrow" pointing to the left, depending on your browser until the Culpeper Site displays again.

Another technique is to "right click" on an empty area of the page you are viewing and then click on "Back" which usually shows up at the top of the displayed panel. It may be more convenient to use this latter technique. Avoid right clicking over links as a different panel will show up. This info is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Other Alternatives:
Bookmark this site and go to favorites to return to the site.
When viewing the "Selected AWOS WX Stations", you could use the "right click" method described above or just click on the link, "Selected AWOS WX Stations" located in the navigation strip on the left side and that returns you to the top of the AWOS page to check another station.

Last Update 05-13-12014