Weather Resources Guide

Important Update

The AWOS and Area Forcast are no longer available from the FAA weather services.

A new link has been set up for the National Weather Service which provides links to airports via a search box. In addition to your local weather (city, state, etc), you can type in any airport identifier, i.e., KCJR format, and that will bring up current conditions at that airport.

KCJR has been set as the default location.

The links for Weather Resources are in the Yellow Navigation Strip to the left. Those links will appear in this window.

You can return to the main site by clicking on "Airport Information Home" in the upper left corner, or the Blue Navigation Strip's links to go directly to the interest of your choice.

Weather sources may not always be available due to server maintenance or other work being done to government sites such as NOAA, and others. Please be patient and try again later when the link you are interested in comes up blank.

From the main site, you can return to "Weather Resources" by clicking on that link and select the "Weather Resource" you're interested in from the yellow navigation strip as indicated above.

Updated 01-27-17