Culpeper Regional Airport not only serves as a major source of employment and economic activity, but the visitors who come to the County contribute substantial spending, which supports local businesses and the hospitality industry. A great deal of the activity is “behind the Scenes”, generating other jobs in the area such as air traffic control, catering, engineering, safety and security.

Of the 15 non-reliever airports (those not designed to relieve congestion at large commercial service airports) rated by the number of based aircraft, Culpeper Airport ranks:

• First in based aircraft

• First in general aviation passenger movements, serving almost 23,000 passengers in the year.

• First in general aviation flights per day for a non-towered airport.

• First in non-reliever airport tourist/visitor spending.

The Airport contributes direct and indirect airport operations impact of $5.563 million, while adding $7.350 million of visitor spending for a total economic impact of $12.913 million.

Although Frederick County is far larger than Culpeper County, our Airport generated spending by Culpeper visitors exceeding theirs by $1.7 million and exceeds both Fauquier and Stafford airports, which are considered reliever airports.

Culpeper Airport contributed 28 direct jobs,19 indirect jobs, and had visitor support jobs of 112.

The Airport is home to a flight school, 2 aircraft maintenance facilities, a business aircraft management group, and has an FAA Aircraft and Powerplant mechanics school.

The Culpeper Airport is actively involved in promoting community involvement through an annual free admission Air Fest, in addition to handling STEM educational activities for the County school system.