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VA Department of Aviation Economic 2017 Impact Analysis: How does your local airport rate?

Culpeper Regional Airport not only serves as a major source of employment and economic activity, but the visitors who come to the County contribute substantial spending, which supports local businesses and the hospitality industry. A great deal of the activity is “behind the Scenes”, generating other jobs in the area such as air traffic control, catering, engineering, safety and security.

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The airport hosts several annual events as well as the Quinquennial celebration of the end of WWII.

NATA Formation Clinics
(Spring & Fall)

Annual STEM Event
(in concert with the Culpeper Air Fest)

Annual Culpeper Air Fest
(2nd Saturday in October)

Culpeper Regional Airport
12517 Beverly Ford Rd.
Brandy Station, VA 22714

Airport Identifier: CJR

Phone: (540) 825-8280

Email: cjrairport@gmailcom